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Designing a Nationwide Alarm System

How would you design a system that send alerts (text messages, email, etc.) to subscribers - or even to everybody depending on the kind of alert - regarding:

  • Fast spreading epidemic
  • Weather alert (tornadoes, floods)
  • Traffic jams and routes to avoid
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Are Facebook and Google+ a Glorified Usenet?

Do they bring any additional functionality that were not available in message boards 30 years ago, besides the ability to publish multimedia and better web interface? Are there any new functionality that are important?

What about the likes and friend

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1 Reply · Reply by Vincent Granville Nov 11, 2013

Signing a document with no printer and/or no scanner

I received a PDF document by email (tax form to sign and email back), but could not print it as my printer was broken. Here's what I did:

  1. Saved the PDF document as an image (PNG format)
  2. Opened the image with Paint, on my Windows laptop
  3. Insert
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1 Reply · Reply by Mirko Krivanek Oct 31, 2013

Anatomy of a Botnet User

Botnets have been used for email spamming for a long time. They are increasingly used for other purposes such as click fraud. What are the typical clients of a Botnet operator?

Also, have you heard about open Botnets, that is, Botnets in which partic

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