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Are Facebook and Google+ a Glorified Usenet?

Do they bring any additional functionality that were not available in message boards 30 years ago, besides the ability to publish multimedia and better web interface? Are there any new functionality that are important?

What about the likes and friends? Is it something new? I believe it did not exist in earlier versions such as DejaNews (which later became Google Groups, and then Google communities under Google+). What about real time updates (like tweets)? Is it really innovative enough to be a long-term viable feature of social networks?

Will fake likes, paid likes, fake friends and paid friends make these social network features less useful and less trusted in the future? Will social networks replace job boards and resume posting websites?

Just curious to have your thoughts on this.

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  • Possibly the most innovative concept is that it is now better monetized, mostly, maybe exclusively (for now) via advertising. It could also be monetized via premium content, job ads or subscription (e.g. LinkedIn).

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