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Originally posted on DataScienceCentralWe recommend sending a message similar to the following one to your subscribers, using a different mailing list management system, and testing with small batches of email addresses - 1,000 at a time, initially.

If you have a Gmail account (and most of us do), you might have noticed a new feature that Google is slowly deploying across all users. Not everybody is impacted yet, though more and more users are every day, and it is still possible to reverse back to the old Gmail if you don't like it.

Google, in the new Gmail version, displays three tabs at the top: PrimarySocial and Promotions email. Google automatically assigns a category to each message sent to your Gmail account. I invite you to check your Promotion tab: if you find any message (from us or other senders) that should be under the Primary tab, you can easily move the message fromPromotions to Primary and even change your settings so that all messages from the sender in question be directed to your primary tab. So you will never miss our career alertsweekly digests and other announcements (conferences, webinars, data science programs, visualization tools, new product releases, new books etc.).

Here's how the new Gmail looks like, with the three tabs at the top (click on the image below to zoom in):

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  • You can revert back to the old Gmail layout. Here's how to proceed: 


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