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Barracuda Networks today launched site-to-site replication capabilities for the Barracuda Backup Service, a market leading solution that allows companies to efficiently back up their data both locally and offsite without the hassle of tapes or other removable media. This enhancement allows customers to deploy a “private cloud” by enabling one Barracuda Backup Server to replicate data to one or more Barracuda Backup Servers housed locally or deployed at other locations for disaster recovery. 

“Many organizations today prefer to utilize internal company locations as the first line of defense for disaster recovery,” said Stephen Pao, vice president of product management for Barracuda Networks. “Site-to-site replication enables those organizations to redundantly back up their data to their preferred locations while also allowing economical cloud-based data protection where appropriate.”

Leading data deduplication technology in the Barracuda Backup Service facilitates efficient replication of changing data to cloud storage. The addition of site-to-site replication provides customers with the ability to use this technology in a private network environment. This expands the market served by the Barracuda Backup Server to include customers interested in private and hybrid data replication deployments.

Today’s launch delivers replication:

  • Between Barracuda Backup Servers; each can back up data locally as well as send it offsite to other backup servers.
  • From many Barracuda Backup Servers to a single unit; common for customers or partners who would like to replicate from satellite locations to a central location.
  • From one Barracuda Backup Server to several others; appropriate for customers with critical data they want replicated to multiple locations on their network.
  • To the cloud in addition to other Barracuda Backup Servers; ideal for customers with critical data they want to protect in multiple ways.

The City of Weston, in Weston, Fla., has two Barracuda Backup Servers deployed in conjunction with the Barracuda Backup Service and finds the new feature to be a crucial benefit, allowing them to safely and reliably replicate their business critical data offsite to their disaster recovery center.

”We are impressed with the easy setup for site-to-site replication and the efficiency of data replication,” said Steven Murray, director of information technology for the City of Weston.  “This is the perfect solution for our disaster management needs.”

Customizable Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In addition, site-to-site replication enables organizations to take advantage of a “hybrid cloud” by combining private replication between Barracuda Backup Servers with replication to cloud storage provided by Barracuda Networks ultimately providing protection for an organization’s most critical data.

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