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League Formed to Defend the Open Internet

A loose coalition of Internet companies, advocacy groups and individuals that helped defeat SOPA/PIPA have launched the Internet Defense League(IDL). The group is looking to enlist millions of people around a shared set of values, namely “defending an open and innovative Internet and making it better.”

According to Brock Meeks of the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), the new movement, of which CDT is a member, is still defining itself and is cultivating relationships. The IDL founders want to take the tactics that defeated SOPA and PIPA and create a permanent force. The IDL website describes it this way, “Think of it like the Internet’s Emergency Broadcast System, or its bat signal!”

The IDL movement is described as being in “beta mode,” but it appears to have some big names behind it like Mozilla, WordPress, EFF, Fight for the Future, among many others. Of the current stage of development, Meeks says “New relationships will be formed, strategies will be tightened, new muscles flexed and the adrenaline of advocacy will be channeled into a skill set that’s ready and willing to step up and defend the Internet, whenever that call goes out.”

The goal of IDL is to essentially become a center for mobilization against perceived threats to Internet freedoms. Members will be alerted to situations and given action recommendations, but members can pick and choose which of those recommendations to adhere to. Learn more about becoming a member of IDLby visiting its website.

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