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New IceWarp Version Reinvents Messaging Software Market by Offering Online Meetings, Document Management and Dropbox Integration in One Package

-- IceWarp Messaging Server 11 also includes enhanced VoIP, Mobile Synchronization and Instant Messaging functionality -- 

Springfield, VA- February XX, 2014 - IceWarp has released the newest version of its award-winning messaging server that reinvents messaging software market by offering Online Meetings, Document Management and Dropbox Integration in one package. IceWarp 11, announced today by the global provider of messaging solutions, also features enhanced email, VoIP, Mobile Synchronization and IM functionalities managed from a revamped user-friendly WebClient.

"IceWarp has once again redefined the messaging market by replacing several applications with one integrated product," said Ladislav Goc, President of IceWarp. "The new server contains most popular features found in MS SharePoint and Exchange, and offers a wide range of additional productivity-boosting functionalities. Also, our goal was to create a product with zero learning curve - and we invested a lot of development into achieving just that."

The new IceWarp features include:

1. New user-friendly, intuitive WebClient Interface that puts messaging, document management and unified communications features on one console that can be easily mastered by users with very basic IT skills. Customer can switch between desktop, tablet and mobile versions.

2. Online meetings - Conference Calls, Chat and Screen Sharing. IceWarp users can now schedule online conference calls and invite attendees. Once on a meeting, users can share their screen, record video and audio, pass remote control of their keyboard and mouse to others on the call, and much more. 

3. Document Management. Users can now store and team edit all documents within IceWarp. Previous versions of a document are now stored and teams can easily revert to an older version if needed. Text, HTML, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents can be instantly created, edited and stored within IceWarp with no need to download to a computer. 

4. Dropbox integration. Users can upload files from the popular Dropbox service by clicking the Dropbox icon in IceWarp's redesigned WebClient. 

5. Better-Integrated WebIM. The new IM panel puts icons for WebIM, WebPhone and Meeting features within reach from the toolbar and indicates the online status or ongoing activity at a glance. Presence statuses can be restricted to a predefined list for simplicity. Multiple conversations are grouped to tabs, just like in desktop applications. 

6. New BYOD capabilities. IceWarp users can now customize how their mobile devices are synced like never before. The Mobile Devices dialog lists all connected Exchange ActiveSync clients along with the manufacture's device name. Users can control which folders they want to have available, date range of emails and calendars to synchronize. They can manage Tasks and Notes simulation, or erase data from the device by Remote Wipe. 

7. iOS 7 Notes synchronization. Starting with iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users now have Notes automatically synchronized between their device, Microsoft Outlook and WebClient. Previously there had been several workarounds for keeping professional notes synchronized between iOS 6, Outlook and WebClient. All of them have had various shortfalls. With new IceWarp Server, users will be able to keep their notes synced up with no external application needed. 

8. Popular "Tasks & Notes" App for Android. This option has for a long time solved Android's lack of official support for Tasks and Notes on their devices, and is now made available for IceWarp users as well. It keeps the WebClient or Outlook in sync with your mobile device and allows remote management of Notes, Tasks and checklists. The application supports sorting & search, multiple views and themes, alarms, notifications, recurrences, tags and much more.  

9. Outlook 2013 Support. There is now a new way to use Outlook Sync instantly without installing any plugin, simply by configuring it for an Exchange ActiveSync service, much like with a smartphone.


10. Secure Messaging. Full S/MIME support allows for email encryption and signing with personal certificates. Users are only required to install the private certificate on their devices. The public certificate of the recipient is automatically retrieved from GAL. This feature works best on iOS, but is also supported by selected client apps (NitroDesk for Android, NotifySync for BlackBerry). 

11. New Linux Versions. The Linux version of IceWarp is being released for the first time as a 64-bit application. IceWarp for Debian 6 is officially out of beta and IceWarp for Debian 7 is being released for the first time. There are also new builds for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Time Support) and 12.04 LTS, increasing the supported number of Linux systems to 11, with 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for most distributions. 

IceWarp 11 also includes many noteworthy improvements to the server's Administration, Antispam and Antivirus. 

"The new IceWarp server has become a one-stop solution for all business collaboration needs," explained Mr. Goc. "This approach helps organization take full control over their messaging infrastructure, making it low-maintenance and financially predictable. Additionally, we have made significant improvements in the server administration console. IceWarp Server is often called 'systems administrator's paradise', and we want to make it even more easy and fulfilling to work with." 

IceWarp has a released a 6 minute video walkthrough of IceWarp 11 for current and new customers: (


To download a free 30 day trial license of IceWarp 11, please visit 


IceWarp is a leading provider of comprehensive messaging solutions for every business class, size and niche.  Building upon a decade of enterprise e-mail platforms experience, IceWarp offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution that enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform, be it e-mail, mobile synchronization, chat, SMS, voice or video. The highly scalable system is used by organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to large corporations like Marriott International, Burger King and Toyota. IceWarp's solutions are available in over 40 countries through a comprehensive network of distributors. 

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